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10 Favorite Waterfalls

agate-1For me, trying to narrow down a list of my favorite waterfalls in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is like trying to pick my favorite ice cream- which for the record just happens to be whatever’s on sale. The U.P. is filled with many really super awesome waterfalls and to be honest, this list has changed probably 25 times in the couple days it took me to put it together. I tried to rank them, but that was just impossible. How can you compare a fall like Morgan Creek Falls, which is on the smaller side but very peaceful and one you can get right up to, to Tahquamenon Falls whose sheer volume of water make it a true beauty to behold? In alphabetical order, my 10 (plus 1) favorite waterfalls of the U.P. are as follows…



conglomerateMy OTHER 10 Favorite Waterfalls

Interested in more waterfalls that are our favorites?  The above link talks about more favorites 🙂