Car Starters

The bible tells us that even having faith as small as a mustard seed is enough to move a mountain! (paraphrased from Matthew 17:20) That’s crazy. It also goes on to say “nothing will be impossible for God.” So then, why do we limit what we can do in God? Trust me when I say… Read More Car Starters


The Wife Was Right

Let me first say that I love spring! I see all our melting snow and flowers starting to pop through the ground. In most parts of the world they’re probably blooming already. But here, they most likely have another couple weeks before we start seeing buds. I love seeing the waterfalls this time of year.… Read More The Wife Was Right


Dear parent of a child who has special needs: 10 Points to Remember

Dear parent of a child who has special needs: Maybe your child “isn’t like the rest of the other children.”  Maybe your child has autism, Down’s syndrome, wears glasses, is missing a limb, has a sensory disorder, eczema, allergies, or any other issue that doesn’t fit the cookie cutter picture of “normal.”  If so, I… Read More Dear parent of a child who has special needs: 10 Points to Remember


Take God Out of the Box!

Our world, the earth, and even the human body: no one can wrap their mind around how complexly made they are. Scientists try…. Then there are many different theories. We have Western culture medicine, Chinese medicine, conventional approaches, and holistic approaches. Our God is a great designer. He creates masterpieces. He creates things so very… Read More Take God Out of the Box!

Devotionals, Eczema

The Silence

As the sweet one slept, I took time in the silence to ponder just that: silence. There are many cautions in the Bible for one to be  silent- to watch the running of the tongue. One example is Proverbs 21:23, ” Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps out of trouble.” We have all… Read More The Silence


Not Alone

Sometimes in life it may feel like you are walking alone.  The circumstances and challenges you are facing may trick you into thinking you are facing life by yourself, like no one cares or understands.  Worry and doubt convince you that not even God exists, that you indeed are truly by yourself. When you walk… Read More Not Alone



We have all heard of the nesting robin.  Every spring you may see a robin working fiercely to  build her nest.  Then, the next thing you know you hear the chirping and little baby bird heads poking out. This week I have been observing something that isn’t thought of much- the RESTING Robin.  It seems… Read More The RESTING Robin