Take God Out of the Box!

Our world, the earth, and even the human body: no one can wrap their mind around how complexly made they are. Scientists try…. Then there are many different theories. We have Western culture medicine, Chinese medicine, conventional approaches, and holistic approaches. Our God is a great designer. He creates masterpieces. He creates things so very… Read More Take God Out of the Box!

Devotionals, Eczema

The Silence

As the sweet one slept, I took time in the silence to ponder just that: silence. There are many cautions in the Bible for one to be  silent- to watch the running of the tongue. One example is Proverbs 21:23, ” Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps out of trouble.” We have all… Read More The Silence


Not Alone

Sometimes in life it may feel like you are walking alone.  The circumstances and challenges you are facing may trick you into thinking you are facing life by yourself, like no one cares or understands.  Worry and doubt convince you that not even God exists, that you indeed are truly by yourself. When you walk… Read More Not Alone