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The Lights UP North ministry first started in 2016.  Lights UP North is made up of our family who writes from deep within the Great Northern Woods, where the air is pure, the sunsets are vivid, and the winters are long and brutal. At the time our ministry  started our family was dealing with some severe health problems including allergies and what we call cases of modern-day leprosy.  Doctors did not have answers for us and at the time we had no hope.  These times were very hard and honestly traumatic.  In order to cope with what we were going through we decided to start writing posts of hope and encouragement to others in hopes of encouraging ourselves.  Along this journey we learned of God’s mighty power.

We currently monitor conditions of severe anaphylaxis daily along with experiencing the joy of the Lord.  While consistently stumbling upon the paths of other parents who are dealing with the same conditions in their children it is our mission to share our health and wellness experiences in hopes to help them get through as well.  We also strive to write devotionals and pieces of inspiration that will influence everyone and we hope you are blessed by our ministry today.

If you enjoy our page and ministry and would like to support us, there are a couple of ways you can do so (because there are costs to run our site).

1) We ALWAYS welcome prayer, especially for our health. 🙂

2) We have a Facebook page and would appreciate if you “like” it as well as invite friends to like it.

3) Sharing any articles we wrote is also welcomed.

4) Lights UP North is set up with Amazon as affiliates.  Some of our articles will contain affiliate links and we let you know this ahead of time.  All that means is if you click on the link and by some chance order from Amazon down the road, Amazon will in the future give us some funds.  No extra money comes out of your pocket to support us this way.  Also, if you click on the Amazon link below to begin any shopping it helps us out greatly as the same concept applies.

Currently, any money made from Amazon affiliate links goes to our friend Emily who is seeking medical treatment for cancer.

5)  We have set up a Pay Pal Donate button if you would like to donate directly to our ministry.  The link is below.



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