Inspiration & Encouragement

God is good through the good days and the bad, through the easy days and the hardest of days.  It is our hope that our devotionals will encourage, inspire, and bring hope to you.

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image-2Anchored Hope

IMG_4397And There Was A Shell

patientAurora Borealis: Northern Lights 2


unnamed-1Birch and Sickness

Car Starters

image-2 (1)Carried

IMG_4441Cast Again

Celebrate the Little Things-Part 1
Celebrate the Little Things – Part 2

image-8Certainty in Times of Uncertainty 

IMG_5183Christians Persecuting Each Other- The Issue of a Hurting Church

knittingChristmas Scarf

IMG_8322-1Counting Blessings – An Early Christmas Present

IMG_8208Counting Blessings – Boxes

image-9 (1) The Drifting Souls of the Scattered Soul

image-6 The Easiest Yet Hardest Prayer

alarm-clock-1193291_960_720Five-Minute Power Nap

disciplineGetting Disciplined


31irWxVfziLThe Fight For Life

a6Freedom: Is it Really Free?

image-6Heart Reflections


mackinac-bridge-1642445__340How To Be A Light In Today’s Darkness

IMG_4372How To Not Be the Typical Overwhelmed American

IMG_4535“I Can’t Do This!” (There is no such word as can’t)

IMG_4504I Didn’t Have to Go the Hard Way

“I Don’t Like Raisins!”

“I Just Want to See the Stars”

I Made a Fire!

36748669_874205412771373_4708063589901008896_nIn a World of Change

James’ Dream

Jeremiah 5:18
Job 12:10
King Arthur
Keep Moving
The Last Word
Let Your Light Shine
Letting Them Die
Living Water

candycane Mother’s¬†Day (It Shouldn’t be a¬†Controversial Topic, a Sore Subject for Many)

IMG_5434Muddy Eyes- When Dirt is Good for You

My Fire is Not Out

IMG_5557My Life is Not for Sale

image-3The Mystery Gift

Northern Lights
Not Alone
Open the Door
Patience for Promises
Perspective Changes Everything

The Portal to Sanity
Praise Report: The Green After the Rain
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The Silence
Snakes, Snails, Puppy Dog Tails, and Mohawks
Spirit Pour Out
Stability in Our Complex World
Stop Holding On
The Sun is Always There

The Superior Mother; Mother Superior


Take God Out of the Box!

classroom-2787754_960_720A Teacher’s View the Student Walkout

Thankfulness is a Choice

Truths Every Girl Should Know Series

#1- You are Beautiful

#2- You are Loved

#3- You are Important

Throw YOUR Pacifier Away
“Too Busy For My Kids”
Too Weak to Open My Apple Juice

Top 3 Tips to Enjoying Life When the Enemy Wants You to Fail

Transforming a Transgender World
Undercover Opportunities

What is Home

What is Success
When America Turns Gray
When Storms Come
The Wife Was Right
Women’s March Response