Blessings Bags



A big vision of the Lights UP North ministry is we desire to bless others.  We hope and pray we can bless people young and old, from every background.  One practical way we feel lead to do this is through Blessings Bags.

What are Blessings Bags?

Lights UP North Blessings Bags are draw string canvas backpacks that are filled with blessings!  It is our goal to provide these across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to whoever is in need of a blessing.

Who will receive Blessings Bags?

Our target areas to provide Blessings Bags are hospitals, the Salvation Army, homeless shelters, churches, foster care agencies, food banks, and police stations among other areas where hurting people can be blessed.

What is in Blessings Bags?

The contents of Blessings Bags depends on the situation and the person receiving them.  Our vision is to pack bags for babies, young children, teenagers, adults, new Moms, and  new Dads.  Contents for young children who are in the hospital will be along these lines: a stuffed animal, their own drinking cup, a night light, glow sticks, a coloring book and crayons or markers, socks, a craft, a toy, a book, a blanket.  New Dads who are trying to support their wife who is in labor might receive a Blessings Bag containing snacks and toiletries (because we all know labor could be long and tiring for the husband as well).  The homeless would receive a Blessings Bag with toiletries, snacks, and clothing.  We attribute a thank you to the Book Look Blogger website for providing us with Christian books to put into the bags in exchange for our honest reviews on the books. Here are some photos of Blessings Bags for young children and their contents:



How can I help Lights UP North provide Blessings Bags to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?

Do you want to know a super easy way to help the Lights UP North ministry to provide Blessings Bags?  It really is very easy….  Just use our affiliate link to Amazon before placing any Amazon order.  So many people shop on Amazon these days.  All you have to do is click this link to get to Amazon prior to placing your order.  Nothing comes out of your pocket, what happens is Amazon takes a small percentage of what they make off of your order and sends it to Lights UP North.  Easy huh?  Just an extra second and extra click on your part will help to provide many with blessings 🙂  We also always welcome prayer for this ministry.