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Both writers for Lights UP North have a college degree in Physical Education and Health.  One can only assume then that we have a strong interest in health and wellness.  This interest has strengthened further when we had to do a lot of research in hopes of getting our children well after a huge fight with skin diseases and allergies. Below we try to share some bits and pieces of lifestyle changes and discoveries we have made along our journey.

image-1AD Rescuewear Rescues Baby’s Skin


image-10-150x150An Eczema/Allergy Story


imageA Natural Quest for Health #1: Pink Himalayan Sea Salt


1aA Natural Quest For Health #2: Drink Your Water


fresh-2386786_960_720A Natural Quest For Health #3: Feed Marvin (the composter).


butternut-squash-399415_960_720Allergies and Omega Link


emotions-2700972_960_720A Natural Quest For Health #5: Vitamin D


IMG_4834Allergy Friendly Chocolate Oatmeal Cupcakes


IMG_4743Celebrating Life; When Death Does Not Win


ginger-1738098_960_720Counting Blessings – Ginger Root


IMG_8343Counting Blessings – The Mighty Croup Kicker


IMG_0159Counting Blessings – Life Saving Liquid


people-2587066_960_720Guide to Optimal Health

wash-brush-1253992_960_720Living a Chemical-Free/Allergy-Free Lifestyle


chocolate cakeNut-Free, Gluten-Free, (Processed)Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY CAKE


summerfield-336672_960_720Why Food Allergies Are Increasing In Infants


IMG_5740Matters of Life or Death