5 Reasons People Don’t Believe in Miracles (and Why They Should).

5 Reasons Why People Don’t Believe in Miracles (and Why They Should).

Even though miracles are still happening on Earth today there are an enormous amount of people who would say there is no such thing as miracles.  Sadly, this group of people who will disregard miracles does not consist of only Atheists, but some Christians as well.  The Children’s version of Merriam Webster’s  Dictionary defines miracles as, “extraordinary events taken as a sign of the supernatural power of God.”  In my opinion, miracles are so great and magnificent that they are sometimes hard for the human mind to fathom- thus the more simple children’s definition is a must in trying to understand them.  With miracles being a major topic of controversy and skepticism, let’s dive into reasons as to why some people don’t believe in them.

Coincidental Conclusions

Many miracles are just pawned off as coincidences- events that happen at the same time by accident and seem to have some sort of connection.  A person receives a random check in the mail just as electric was about to get disconnected at his home due to lack of finances? Coincidence.  A family on a road trip gets completely crushed in their small vehicle by a semitruck and everyone makes it out alive with no bruises. Coincidence.  How can events like these just be passed off as events that randomly occurred?  How can they been seen as only coincidences?  Surely there is something more to life than randomness. Surely there are reasons as to why unexpected events happen.

Science For Every Answer

A good portion of people put a lot of faith into science for the answer to everything baffling in life.  To them science always has the reason or at least a theory behind why everything happens.  An unexpected health healing is explained with how the body is intricately designed to heal itself and a family coming out alive after a terrible automobile accident is explained with the aerodynamic make up of the vehicle in combination with scientific laws.  Where though, does science explain how the Red Sea parted at just the exact time that Moses needed it to part? How can Science then explain how that parting of the Red Sea stopped just after the Israelites crossed it to safety, saving them from the Egyptians as written in Exodus?  You see, Science cannot claim credit for all miracles.

Only For the Past

There are some Christians who believe in miracles, but only those that occurred in the past as noted in the Bible.  They agree that the Resurrection of Christ, the fall of Jericho, and the healing that Jesus performed occurred, but they are cautious to believe in any claims of miracles after the Bible was published.  The Bible is seen as all truth (which it is), and those people want to make sure their beliefs are based solely on the truths written in the Bible.  Sadly then, they are missing out in awesome miraculous truths occurring in this day and age.

Previous Disappointment

There are many people who have prayed for a miracle and didn’t receive one.  Due to the result of their prayer and disappointment experienced, they then decide that miracles do not exist.  However, there are a couple of reasons why a prayer doesn’t get answered, a number of reasons why God can say, “No.”  Maybe the timing is wrong, perhaps the heart of the person praying is in the wrong place,  or maybe the person isn’t trusting God 100% with the situation.  Sometimes, the fact that God says, “No,” to a prayer request may actually be the miracle itself but it isn’t being recognized.  An unfulfilled prayer request may just be God’s protection over that person as He really does know what is best.

Lack of Child-Like Faith

The Bible says that mountains can be moved when there is the faith of a mustard seed involved.  It also praises the kind of faith that is, “Child-like.”  Usually children believe 100% in certain things.  They don’t second guess and they don’t have doubts, they just trust and believe that what they think will happen will indeed happen.  Perhaps those who are not believing miracles are not seeing such extraordinary events as true because they are not seeing with child-like faith.  There isn’t a hope and then a 100% trust in God for something great to happen because doubt and fear gets in the way.  If adults can see the world as little children do – with innocence, belief, and trust – then more miracles will indeed be recognized.


Even though miracles are still happening on Earth in present day times, they are going as unrecognized or disregarded.  Miracles are being set aside as just plain coincidences.  Many are looking towards science for explanations of extraordinaire events.  Multiple people are choosing to only believe miracles that have occurred during Biblical times. Previous prayers that were not answered the way the person requested have snuffed any hope in that person for miracles to happen.  Others do not have the faith needed to see or recognize such marvelous events.  However, all among the Earth great and wondrous phenomenons are occurring!   If we aren’t seeing with child-like faith, aren’t trusting God’s timing, and if we are relying on science for every answer then we are going to miss out on such great handiwork from God.

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