Book Review: Going Down to the River by Doug Seegers



The book: Going Down to the River: A Homeless Musician, an Unforgettable Song, and the Miraculous Encounter that Changed a Life by Doug Seegers and Steve Eubanks is a heart-felt memoir of how Doug Seegers went from living a homeless life to one where he became a famous musician. I had picked out this book to read because the song, “Going Down to the River” is a favorite song of my husband’s.  The first few chapters really give a feel for the kind of person that Doug Seegers is.  It seemed as if the book was not edited for grammatical errors.  A part of me wonders if this was done on purpose to help the audience to get more of a feel for who Doug Seegers is.  I could see a person not having their book edited because he or she may not want to come across with any kind of a front – maybe he wanted the book to have a true, down-to-earth genuine feel right down to the placement of words.

Going Down to the River walks the audience through a life of Doug Seegers living out on the street with people wanting nothing to do with him to having a Godly break through and getting his life together. I love that this book is inspirational and gives hope to people who have none.

This book was not one that I sat down with and read from front to back.  However, I can see where someone in the same shoes that Doug Seegers was in would be strongly impacted and reached through the story.  Encouragement and hope are the two concepts this autobiography bring.

I received this book from its publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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