Book Review: BibleForce – The First Heroes Bible by Tommy Nelson


It seems only natural for young boys (and some girls) to have a desire to be a super hero.  Spiderman, the Hulk, Batman, etc always become favorites among boys.  Boys grow up wanting to save people and fight off bad guys.  They want to be heroes in life – and the best kind of super heroes are those in the Bible!

BibleForce – The First Heroes Bible by Tommy Nelson is absolutely incredible and perfect for those young boys who live in constant “super hero mode”.  This is a hardcover book, fairly thick and heavy.  It is written in sections based on the heroes of the Bible.  For example it first starts out with Adam and Eve.  Then when their story is over it has a section for Abraham, Joseph, and Moses.  It is not a full Bible- but more of a thick book of comic illustrations of the most popular Bible stories.  Every single page is printed in color, full of many details.

The Bible is written in comic form which combined with the amazing pictures, really brings the Bible alive.  Even as an adult, I absolutely love to sit down and read this with children.  I get as excited as the young ones when reading this Bible.

In addition to each action-packed story that describes many heroes of the Bible, this book also contains awesome maps.  For some reason young boys also love maps, so they just make this book that much more appealing to the young “super heroes in training”.

Of all the Bibles I have seen so far for young children, I feel this is by far the best one yet that I have come across.  Honestly, you would not go wrong getting the BibleForce Bible for any boy ages 5 and up.  Young children would probably rip the pages so it is not very suitable for toddlers at all.

We received this book from its publisher in exchange for an honest review.  We are thankful for any books received from the publisher because they contribute to our ministry’s Blessings Bags.

We hope you are blessed today!


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