Book Review: Little Critter Little Blessings Collection



I love the Little Critters, don’t you?  They have been teaching lessons through many generations just like the Berenstain Bears.  There is a new Little Critter book out: the Little Blessings Collection.  **Affiliate link to raise funds for Blessings Bags.*  This is a hard cover book about 8 inches by 8 inches and many a quarter of an inch thick.  It includes 4 stories that each teach a great life lesson to children.

The first lesson is about treating others how you would like to be treated.  In this story Little Critter always wants to get everything before everyone else.  He starts to push and shove others out of the way so he can be first.  He then realizes how nice it feels to be kind towards others and actually let them go first.  When reading this book to my young children I could almost see the light bulb clicking on in their minds that they need to be nicer.

The second story is called, “It’s True!”  This story is a lesson about honesty.  Little Critter starts out by not really telling lies, but not telling whole truths.  He then learns that not telling whole truths is just the same as lying.  I love this story because in the world today it seems like people try to get away with this alot – “Well, I didn’t lie….I just didn’t tell the whole story.”    I am glad that this story teaches that both are wrong.

The third story is titled, “Being Thankful.” In this story Little Critter goes to his grandparents’ house for a visit.  While there he grumbles a lot and isn’t thankful.  His grandmother ends up giving him a special rock and tells him every time he looks at the rock he needs to remember all the things he is blessed with.  When Little Critter goes home he opens the door to his house and finds his little sister grumbling around.  He then has a chance to teach her how to be thankful as well.

The fourth story is called, “We All Need Forgiveness,” and isn’t that so true!  We expect others to forgive us when we wrong them, but we have a hard time forgiving those who hurt us.  The lesson is about letting go or bitterness and grudges and this is such an important lesson to learn.

This Little Critter book will be going into a special Blessings Bag for a special child.  We received the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest opinion and for that we are blessed and excited to be able to bless someone else with it as well 🙂

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