Five-Minute Power Naps

Five-Minute Power Naps

Ever had one? They’re amazingly refreshing! I had one just the other day. I woke up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and completely re-energized. Five minutes in the middle of the day was all it took. The down side, if there is one, is that I was wide awake at night that evening. In fact, I was awake about 6 hours later than I normally am.  A simple five minute power nap re-energized me so much that it kept me awake 6 hours later than normal. Think about that for a minute. Let it sink in.

I teach a similar concept in my Health and Physical Education classes all the time. I have kids that are tired and worn out, have headaches, or are sore from their game last night all the time. I tell them exercise and plenty of water are the keys to fight that. They come in thinking if they make it sound bad enough they won’t have to participate in PE class. Even if they’re just doing some light biking, the exercise releases endorphins which help rejuvenate the body (and keep stress levels low!).  This also helps the buildup of lactate acid in the body which helps with those aches from their game the night before. Too sore or tired? Exercise. This seems like it would go against common logic but it is in fact true.

So if the power nap and some light exercise both individually help re-energize our physical and emotional health, what about our spiritual health? I’ve seen a lot of people get burned out from church or reading their bible or any other of number things and just try to rest their way back to full strength, or take a break from it altogether sometimes. What if instead of a five minute power nap, we started each of our days with a five minute power devotional? If it works in others aspects of life, why wouldn’t it work in or walk with God too? I’m not saying that you should never rest but instead of always resting and still being tired, why not try something new: five minute power devotionals with God. Try it, they will leave you feeling re-energized and refreshed and your walk with God will have a fresh bounce in it’s step.

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