Book Review: God Bless My Family

It seems that there is always a point in a young child’s life where he or she starts to really love dogs.  Even if the child is allergic and can’t pet a dog, it is always fun to watch dogs or even pretend to be a dog.  When looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the toddler who is in love with dogs, the book “God Bless My Family,” by Hannah C. Hall and Steve Whitlow is a perfect option for a gift.  The book is a nice and sturdy board that fits a toddler’s hands perfectly.



The age range that the book is written for is described as ages 4-8 but I honestly it fits the ages of 2-6 better.  It has vivid and softly drawn illustrations full of many different variety of dogs.  The book also talks about different family members: grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, aunt and uncles.  This is a very neat book .

I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest opinion- and my opinion is that you can’t lose purchasing this book.  The words on the pages flow well and there are just enough words that you won’t lose the attention of the child that you are reading to.  It is a quick reading book, but I am sure there will be alot of time viewing the excellent illustrations!

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