EXTREMELY Important News! Please share to give this beautiful soul the ultimate Christmas present!!!!

Emily Wright needs YOUR help to get to Germany for medical treatment she needs.

How can you help?

Here is a link to her website where you can donate directly.  Emily needs to raise $60,000 by January and she is currently at $20,000.

Don’t have the money to donate directly but you are purchasing Christmas presents?
Let Amazon donate for you !

This link right here gets you to Amazon. It is an affiliate link. All that means is when you shop for Christmas presents on Amazon, if you use this link first then Amazon will be sending a small portion of funds to our ministry: Lights UP North. Lights UP North is giving 100% of those funds to Emily Wright to help her get to Germany for treatment she needs.

This is an easy and cost-less way for you to help. I mean, you are shopping on Amazon anyways, right?

PLEASE share this!



In life you sometimes hear people quote something about how real friends are the people who are still there for you when you are going through a difficult time. Emily Wright is one of those people who is such a selfless individual. She is THAT person who is there for others when they are in their lowest times.

When we went through a medical scare when my first born was barely 2 years old, Emily is the one I remember as being there to speak truth to the situation and encouragement.

When I was in the hospital a few years ago when my appendix ruptured, Emily was there by my side- gifting me free vital nutrients from Young Living. This visit and the nutrients were a major page turner in my healing.

When Jonathan refused to eat for days and his health was collapsing on me Emily was there by my side to help me assess the situation, to be a listening ear, to let me cry on her shoulder.

When I was sheerly tired from fighting for Jonathan’s health for him, Emily was the baby whisperer who would hold and rock him for hours in her strong arms despite how nasty the skin on his face would look. She is a baby whisperer to many.

Emily has always had my back in any situation. She is a person who has been gracious to hold me up, to pour into my life, to back me and my family with prayer. She is a person who will look into your eyes and speak truth to your soul. She is gracious, she is kind, and she is a beautiful person inside and out. She displays unconditional love and can be trusted with anything.

Emily has been fighting for her health for a few years now but no one would be able to tell. This is because she does it with a smile and fearlessly. She is a positive person and like I said before, a selfless person. In conversation she will care more about the person she is talking to instead of complaining about the situation she has been facing.

Let’s give Emily a gift that will bless her and her husband incredibly. If you cannot give with finances, can you at least share on Facebook please???


Emily pours her heart and soul into the lives of MANY. Can you help to give her the blessings she deserves?

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