Counting Blessings – Hidden Snacks

Some days things tend to feel bare minimum.  Usually near the end of the week groceries start to twindle as little bellies have eaten them all up.  Well, this week the twindling of groceries has seemed to be on warp speed mode.  Our family had been fighting sickness and that usually causes the body to kick into high speed mode of saying, “feed me so I can get more nutrients to fight this off.”  Thus the groceries disappear so fast.

One snack that the kids particular like are fruit leathers.  When they can’t have many convenience snack foods due to their food allergies, fruit leathers are their one treat.  Thankfully their bodies are ok with fruit leathers (as long as the flavor isn’t grape or banana). Well, it seemed this week we were all out of fruit leathers.  I had forgotten to pick them up on our last grocery shop and all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday kept finding myself wishing I had some to give to the kids at snack time.  I could have drove to the store and picked some up, but I didn’t think it was the best idea to take my one boy with croup into the store.  I wanted him to rest and get more strength.

We have also been finishing up the last bit of packing before we move out of our house.  I picked up a lunch pail that still needed to be cleaned out from a previous beach outing.  When I thought I had everything out of it, I turned the pail upside down to shake out all the beach sand.  What a funny sound the pail made as it sounded like there was something clinking in it as I shook.  Investigating the pail more I discovered a hidden pocket that contained plastic spoons that were clinking.

And, next to the plastic spoons were…..

A bunch of fruit leathers!!!


My heart was so happy at this discovery! It was like God knew I was wishing for this snack for my kids and provided.  We had struck gold!

The fruit leathers that we found hidden in the lunch pail pocket are Stretch Island Fruit leathers.  This link is a link to the items on Amazon. It is an affiliate link, which means if you click on it, whatever you put in for an Amazon order in the next day or so we will receive a tiny amount of money from Amazon.  It is really just as easy way  for you to support Lights Up North if you wish 🙂

Blessings to you! It’s the little things guys….

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  1. I really appreciate your posts on counting blessings! It’s so healthy to share and celebrate the little things—like hidden snacks!

    Thanks for sharing your life and the blessings you’ve witnessed!

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