Counting Blessings – The Mighty Croup Kicker

Unfortunately a certain little one in my house seems plagued with croup every winter.  The first year that he came down with it was pretty scary as he gasped and struggled for breath in the middle of the night and as we rushed to the emergency room.

Thankfully the past few winters we have had a Mighty and special tool that has helped to eliminate his croup significantly. When this child has many allergies he has to stay away from multiple medications. So, whenever he gets sick it is a battle.  Thankfully we did find one essential oil that has helped him tremendously, and this is Young Living’s blend called R.C.


R. C. Is a mixture of the following oils: eucalyptus, myrtle, marjoram,  pine, lavender, cypress, black spruce, and peppermint.   Usually all I have to do is take the cap off the bottle and have him breathe the aroma in deeply.  The oils have worked to open his airways as well as stop any coughing.  My boy usually asks for it when he is feeling crummy and gets a big smile his face with an, “ahhhhh” as he feels he can breathe better again.  I will usually put a dab on his pillow at night and prop him up to help with the croup.

Thankfully we haven’t had to make any doctors visits for croup since we have been carrying R.C in our medical toolkit.  I have found myself also being able to breathe much better with it if I am struggling with asthma symptoms.  Honestly, just a little wiff of the oil does wonders for the airways, though it can also be applied topically.

I would advise others to use oils with caution as some people do have allergies to certain oils.  It is wise to dilute the oil and do a test by applying it topically to a small area then monitor for any redness or evidence of allergy before proceeding to use the oil.

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