Counting Blessings – An Early Christmas Present

The Christmas season usually starts early and lasts long in my family.  Our Christmas tree basically goes up during the first snow fall or Halloween, whichever arrives first.  Some years it might go up as early as September, as in our parts of the world it is sometimes snowing in September. This year was kind of special- the first snowfall happened ON Halloween!!

Why do we set up on Halloween if it hasn’t snowed yet?  Simply put, we are THAT family who doesn’t celebrate Halloween.  The reasonings are probably for another post, but basically we don’t celebrate it for both Biblical and health reasons.  That being said:

A couple days ago our Christmas tree went up 🙂 We are currently in housing transition, so our tree this year consists of a small, fake tree with white lights and paper decorations.  It is beautiful in my book.

This morning my girl surprised me with a Christmas present that she insisted that I open today.  For the past few months she has been telling me how she feels stupid around Christmas because everyone gives her nice presents, but she never has any money to give anything nice back.  Her words are exactly how I feel every Christmas.

The present I opened today from my girl did not cost her a penny, and it definatly made me feel loved.

There was a homemade note,


and a box that contained,


a sticker,


scraps of paper,


a piece of string,




and a color sheet!

This Christmas present, is one I will keep in a special place until I grow old and die.  Sometimes, the best presents, are the simplest- when filled with love.


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