Counting Blessings – Boxes


Boxes. One would think that in my bazillion moves that I would not have a deficient in boxes.  One would think that with the amount of times I’ve moved that I would wise up and just keep my boxes, or maybe even not unpack anything.

Well, I don’t.  Each move I pitch the  boxes when I unpack hoping that the move will be my last one, that I will finally have a home.  Maybe some day I will realize God has made us missionaries and He wants us to keep moving around, or- maybe one day God will indeed plant us somewhere.  Who knows at this rate.

Here we are, in the middle of our (like I said earlier) billionth move and the other day no store in town had boxes! Each store that I went to had “just put them in the compactor.”   It puts a real damper on the day to have to load up an herd of children only to unload them to go into each store that just so happens to not have any boxes.  The lack of boxes really slows down production in prepping for the move.

How excited and ecstatic I was this morning to find a stack of boxes- still in tact, mind you- at our local grocery store! It sure felt like Christmas in my world!


The simple things,  the simple things guys.  A blessing of boxes is the maker of my day today (well, and the little helpers too!)


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