Counting Blessings – Ginger Root


A few years back when one of my children was having horrible skin problems I came across a book of healing recipes that included a lot of ginger root.  The recipes that included this spice I usually looked over because A) I had no idea as to what ginger root even was and B) I had no idea what it looked like so there was no way I would be able to find it in the grocery store.

Fast forward a couple years and ginger root was brought up to me again. So, I made the time to look into it and to try to discover it in the grocery store as well as how to even use it.  Luckily I bought some fresh ginger root one evening, cut the peel off of about a 1 inch chunk of it and threw the ginger into a pot of boiling water.  After braving the steeped “tea,” I was actually surprised that it tasted pretty good!  I typically hate tea because it has a certain “tea” taste to it that I cannot quite describe.  Hot ginger water does not have this taste.

Some ginger root in a hot cup of water has really been a blessing to me.  It has stopped many horrible stomach aches right in their tracks.  I also believe it played a huge part of my healing from getting both my gallbladder and appendix removed.

Ginger root soothes the stomach and helps with digestion but also has antibacterial, antiviral, and anticancerous properties. Found in the produce section, ginger root is a wonderful spice to add to your menu, and makes a great warm drink to heat your soul on a cold autumn night.

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