Counting Blessings – Worn Things


Today I threw two clothing items into the trash, and it brought me great happiness.  I know, I’m weird… let me try to explain.

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like to buy things just to buy things.  I do not like the waste of purchasing unnecessary materials; and I do not like the clutter of unnecessary items.  I hate when things just sit and gather dust.

Two clothing items went into the trash today and that made me as happy as if I were purchasing a new piece of clothing.  Why?

The items were worn, they were used- thread bare to where the last piece of thread seemed to surrender. One of them I had for 7 years.  It served its purpose, until it no longer could serve its purpose anymore.

When something I own is used so much to the point it is no longer useable it is such a blessing.  I was blessed to have it and blessed that it was used to serve its purpose.  It was not thrown out before it’s time; it didn’t die when it still had life in it.

We should be enjoying the things in our lives until their time is done.  It is like my Grandma’s quilts: my Grandma had sewn beautiful quilts for her whole family.  Such special pieces they were.  Should I fold up the quilt she made me and keep it in a drawer where it stays in perfect condition? Or, should I use the quilt to wrap up in at night, to bring comfort, to enjoy warmth- but risk it being used to the point it becomes thread bare?  I choose using the quilt- for each time I use it I feel loved.  For each thread that breaks on it I know how much further blessed I am in life.

It’s like when my Grandma went home to Heaven- she was old, she was tired, she had served her purpose in life.  No one can compare the two actions in life: throwing out old clothing at the end of its life, and helping an old Grandma as she finishes her last breath in life. But, weirdly enough these two events both bring me happiness.  Sometimes, that sign of being tired, of being worn, of being thread-bare and old- is the sign of living in completeness, of being effective, of being loved.


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