Counting Blessings – Life Saving Liquid

This little bottle of liquid-


This is a vial of antihistamine.  It is easy to put in a medical belt, easy to store in a pants pocket, easy to keep in the glove compartment of a vehicle.

This little vial- sugar free and dye free, has kept little children alive more than once.

When a mom’s life consists of constantly monitoring the health of children who fight the risk severe anaphylaxis every time something comes in contact with their mouth- this little vial has been a vial of gold.

It has been my saving grace, my go-to in emergency situations, my step before epipens.

Sold by CVS Pharmacy this antihistamine  is today’s thankfulness.  It is premeasured and quick to open. It is the reason my boys are still alive today.

Food allergies are rough- but life with this vial, is indeed just that: LIFE.

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