Counting Blessings – This Man

Because life is too beautiful to be a grumble-pants:

Today I am thankful for the man who drove this vehicle yesterday:


I could grumble about how he took  MY vehicle to work, how MY vehicle is smashed and how we don’t have any money to even pay for the deductible.


Choose to be happy- because:

The vehicle really isn’t mine,

he used it so he could move our furniture to a new home (yay! I didn’t have to!),

he is safe and not injured,

God always provides so why worry about money.

This man-

My man-

works so incredibly hard to provide for us, so I can be home with those who medically rely on me,

drives hours upon hours a day,

faithfully gets up early every morning so I can sleep in,

encourages and reaches the souls of many children each day,

is patient and forgiving,

keeps me focused on the positive,

brings my wandering mind back to the Truth,

never gives up.

This Man-

My Man-

our family’s strength, our happiness, our laughter,

our family’s comfort, our stability, our grounding.

This Man- I am thankful for.

My Man..




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