The Portal to Sanity

In a backwards, upside down world of chaos, it is easy and almost human nature to be a grumble pants.  I realized this morning, it is a must for me to keep remembering the things I am thankful for- for praise is what makes this world a better place.

The Portal to Sanity

I am thankful for this shower.


For it is a place that big ideas happen

A place to gather thoughts

The best place for the hermit-at-heart.

Where unexpected and uninvited visitors knocking at my door cannot find me, where I don’t need to answer texts, where phone calls can be missed.

Where I don’t trip over toys and where I can’t hear children arguing.

Where I can be alone- (except for the occasional peeping child).

IMG_7584A place of solitude- until the hot water runs out.

A mini vacation, my place of peace.

Where I can take a deep breath and just BREATHE

IMG_7939Where there are no deadlines, no boxes to pack. No meals to make no dishes to wash.

A place of quiet- a place of rest.

A place where at one time the medical needs of a child didn’t allow me to be for many days of many months.

Today I can shower.

So thankful for this shower!

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