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A couple weeks ago in church I picked up a Bible and was amazed when I opened it.  The Bible wasn’t written in columns like typical Bibles are.  It in fact, was formatted to look like a novel- to provide seemless reading.  I then decided I had to check out the NIV Reader’s Bible.

The NIV Readers Bible is a hardcover and very thick book. It is durable and lays flat while you read, no matter what page you are on.  This feature is one that i am super thankful for.  The cover and binding is of cloth, which gives the book a very nice and rich feel.

I love that the NIV Readers Bible is formatted in paragraph form and instead of columns.  I also like that there are still footnotes for references at the end of the chapters.  It is a great book for one who wants to just snuggle into a nice quiet corner and read the book as a novel instead of literature that needs to be studied- to just be able to take everything in as a story.

There are, however, 2 components Us of this book that i do not care for.  All of the footnotes are shared at the end of each book within the Bible.  What I mean by that is the footnotes for different verses in Genesis are not shared until the very end of Genesis.  I would rather have the footnotes listed at the bottom of the pages.

The second component is that the verses are not numbered in this Bible.  Each chapter is numbered, but individual verses are not. I understand that the small numbers are left out to leave the book more for seamless reading, but my opinion is that the numbers are so small that they should have been left.  It would be nice to be able to bring such a book to church and be able to find/refernce certain verses still.

I give the NIV Readers Bible a rating of 4/5.

I have received this book from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest opinion.

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