Why the book Blackbird Fly is not a good book for your daughter to read, and which book is.

After logging hundreds of hours during a summer reading program my daughter was awarded with the prize of the book, “Blackbird Fly.”  Thankfully I decided to read this book before letting her dive into it- and I am glad I did.

IMG_6538Blackbird Fly, by Erin Entrada Kelly, has many great ratings on Amazon.  Reviews write that it is an awesome book for the preteen to read – that it is down to earth and funny.  I was seriously appalled when I read the first two chapters of this book.  The chapters were filled with  durogatordy references, inappropriate jokes, homosexuality, and other seriously wrong worldly issues.  This book, in my opinion, is a bad influence to any young reader.  It honestly has a tone of darkness to it.  After  2 chapters in I picked up the book and threw it into the garbage can.  Garbage is what the book is, so garbage is where it belonged.

After explaining to my daughter that she couldn’t have her prize and that I felt sorry for her because she logged so many hours this summer- she smiled at me and with a glimmer in her eye said, “I didn’t read all those hours just for a prize, Mom. I read them because I just simply love to read!”

What a proud heart she gave me!

Thankfully, a few hours later the UPS man was knocking at our door.  I belong to BookLookBloggers, and he was delivering my next awesome and wholesome book: Brave Girls COnfidential: Stories and Secrets about Faith and Friendship by Tommy Nelson.  This book I happily handed over to my girl.  It is a larger hardcover book filled with vibrantly colored pages of goodness.  It is about 5 girls who go through hard life problems and get through them with God.  Many wonderful lessons are taught in this book and I honestly think THIS book is what every girl should read 🙂




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