What Is Home

Upon packing for my 8th move in the last 9 years of marriage I have found myself pondering – What exactly is home?  As God has in a sense created us to be moving missionaries for the season, my family has not had a worldly home – only buildings to live in.

Our prayer in life has always been “God, we will go where you want us.”  …. and He indeed has done just that! Sometimes I joke that we should just buy a covered wagon and live in it.


Or, maybe this would suit the modern times better:


Other than our Heavenly home, what is home?

Home to our family is this:


Home has nothing to do with possessions or a structure to live in.

It has nothing to do with an address or a porch light that’s on.

It has nothing to do with a number of bedrooms or baths, a certain style or land.

Home is where we are free to be who we are.

Where we aren’t judged.

Where we can sing if we want to, dance if we want to- let our hair down.

Home is where we can pray and we can preach.  Where we can practice what we believe.

It is peace, tranquility.  It is simplicity.

Home is laughter and tricks and pranks.

It is a place where love resides.

It is where it is ok to be wrecked by God, to soak in His presence.

Home is acceptance.

It is encouragement, support, and truthfulness.

It is presence, respectfulness, patience, and forgiveness.

It is a place where life is spoken- a place of positiveness.

Home is freedom.

Home is deep.

Where this is at – for we are home.



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