Top 3 Tips To Enjoy Life When The Enemy Wants You To Fail

Sometimes life doesn’t seem very peaceful.

It may instead feel like one tsunami crashing over you and engulfing you constantly.


Maybe you can’t feel like your feet are setting hold of still ground- you want to be still but the world around you keeps shaking.

You feel in a constant storm, with tornado winds spinning around you as everyone and everything is going so fast that even your breath cannot be grasped.


You might be facing doctors appointments, broken marriages, fear, heart-ache, another move.


In every situation in life- what God intends for good the enemy will try to shake up and turn into bad. Satan will try to instill fear into you to steal the joy and happiness out of your life. The good news? The good news is that contrary to the above statements:

What the enemy has planned for evil in life, God can turn around for Goodness!


What can you do, when the enemy wants you to fail and be overwhelmed in life? What can you do to enjoy life during the seasons of storms?

1) Count Your Blessings

In order to survive the storms it is a must that you keep your eyes on that above. Even when life seems like everything in it is negative, you have to train your eyes to see the good things. Even in the darkness there are always good things, even when they seem to be blocked by a blindfold. You have to look past that blindfold and see. See the blessings God gave to you each day. See the gifts, even if they are small. Do you have running water? Dish soap for your dishes? If so, good! There are 2 blessings right there!

Keep a list of these blessings so you can focus on the good and stop focusing on the bad.


2) Simplify

Do you ever wonder why people feel more relaxed and free when they are on vacation?

Usually when people go somewhere on vacation they only pack a suitcase or two right? They don’t bring much stuff with them, right? There isn’t a lot of cleaning to focus on, not a lot of things to worry about doing or picking up.

One thing I know about God is it seems he likes simple things. A simple sunset. A simple beach. A simple landscape.

Now pack that simple sunset with distractions- put in a flock or two or 3 or 12 of noisy and annoying black flies….. no longer simple, no longer soothing.

Take that simple beach, that simple landscape and pack it with all the things on your to-do list. Now it is flooded with people and crowded. It is stinky. No longer simple- get them out of there!

Reduce that to-do list. Simplify. Enjoy God’s goodness. Have too much to do still? Limit yourself to getting done only one thing off that to-do list a day and make yourself rest the rest of the day. You owe it to yourself.


3) Unplug.

Unplug the technology. God likes technology but He doesn’t like distractions. Turn off that tv, don’t worry about the email, and enjoy God’s conversation to you without advertisements. Be present to Him, give Him your undivided attention.


Focus on the Good.



God’s got life for you. It is impertinent to focus on the goodness . It is impertinent to not try to pack as much events, stuff, and things to do into this good life. Ask God each day- “What is it you want me to do today?”, and be content doing that one thing even if it is nothing. Unplug and hear Him.

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