Predetermined Life or Predestinated Life?!?!? How far in advance does God plan Life?



Just because you read a news article online, doesn’t mean it’s true.  Same is just because you listen to a sermon, that doesn’t mean the sermon is true or right. Just because you grew up being taught a certain way doesn’t mean that way is right.

To me, it is hard hearing all the different views of all the different denominations of religion out there today.  Can Christians just all come together and believe the simple things: can’t we all love God, listen to the Holy Spirit, pray, and love one another?  Why do the waters have to be mussed up and debated by finite details concerning Christianity? Why do these details have to seperate people so that they do not come together as one belief?

What am I getting at today you are wondering?

Today I am getting at the concept of predestination that was brought up in a recently heard church sermon.  Some Christians believe that only a certain amount of people were picked ahead of time to go to Heaven and the other number of people God planned ahead of time to go to Hell.  This concept was based off of the verse in Hebrews 9:15, “For this reason Christ is the mediator of a new covenant, that those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance- now that he has died as a ransom to set them free from the sins committed under the first covenant.  Because the words, “that those who are called,” are in that verse some have assumed there is a predestination.

Can we even wrap our minds around a lot of the deeper debatable concepts of the Bible? Which interpretation of the book of truth is right? Which interpretation is true?  When the Bible stems off of many interpretations of earlier languages, how can we validly base a huge concept such as predestination off of a 5 word phrase in one verse of the Bible?

Do I believe in predestination? Do I think that God hand selected only a certain number of people ahead of time to go to Heaven well before they were even born?

No- I don’t believe this. Why?  What are my reasons? Why did many red flags pop up in my mind when I heard this today in a sermon?

Here are my reasons-

1) Confusion-  This concept is confusing! There are not clear points about it in the Bible no matter how much someone wants to try to convince me.  Satan is the author of confusion so I will choose to stay away from the concept.  If there was a concept of predestination that was truth then God would have layed it out simply and straight forward in the book of truth. It would not have been a debatable matter. God is a God of simplicity and predetermination does not align with simplicity in my mind.

2) Faith Like A Child-  The Bible states that those who have faith like a child will enter into Heaven. As a child I learned that if I believed and had a relationship with God that I would go to Heaven, so would my friend, so would my neighbor.  I am gong to continue to believe this.  Those who are really terrible in life with sin, I believe have the freedom through Jesus to get rid of their filth and believe in God also.  In Jesus there is freedom- in predestination there is not.

3) Prayer- If our lives were already laid out of us ahead of time – each day scripted well in advance, why do we even pray then?  I have seen many events take a turn from prayer- I am not buying the thought that every event and concept has been laid out well in advance.  I feel like God knows His plans ahead of us, but these plans I feel are determined based off of our choices, decisions, and prayers. I feel our lives are predetermined, but not predestinated. I think God puts plans for our lives in place at a short term level, not a long term level- and prayer is my reason behind this.  This is like a teacher writing lesson plans based off of and modified to where the student is currently at.  The teacher isn’t writing lesson plans for every day of the student’s educational career even before the student was born. That would be just stupid and leaving no room for modification. That wouldn’t allow room for growth, for choice, for grace.


Like I wrote in the beginning, just because you read an article doesn’t mean it has truth to it.  However, this is the truth I feel the Holy Spirit was telling me today.  I pray what I write is indeed true and a blessing to you.

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