My Life Is Not For Sale



The world, our culture- it wants to buy our lives.  It puts labels on jobs and treats those with retirement benefits and 401K’s as the only successful careers out there.  It is a world filled with advertisements to buy more and more things.  People get the message that they must have this and have that- the bigger the better.  In order to have it all, one must work more harder or more hours.  They must in a sense sell their soul.

I learned this past year that my life- it’s not for sale.  My husband and for I were both working jobs that were running us down.  We were cringing going to work every morning and our days seemed to just drag on.  Our jobs were sucking the life right out of us.  We were selling our souls.

Why don’t I have to sell my soul to get ahead in life?  Why don’t I have to put my life up for sale?

Jesus already paid the price!!!!

With Jesus we don’t need to work ourselves into the ground for success.  Our life on earth is so temporal, Jesus allowed us to have great things in Heaven and actually commands us not to store up earthly possessions.

When someone works a job in life that is outside of their calling, outside of their annointing, the life tends to get drained right out of that person.  However, when people live life doing what they love and are called to do, the benefits of happiness, energy, and excitement that accompany the match to the job far outway any monetary benefits.  I remember my first job out of high school- it was coaching volleyball.  I couldn’t believe someone was actually PAYING me to do something I loved, something I would have done for free!

As Christians we each have spiritual gifts and anointings and it is important that we live our lives utilizing these.  If a man was made a teacher his anointing is stiffled if he is stuck working in law enforcement.  If a man has a law enforcement calling running through his blood then his annointing is crushed if he is trapped working in restaurant.  Working in a position that you are not called to be in and doing it just for the money is selling your soul.

God provides. He always has, he always will.

Is your life for sale?  Have you already sold it?  Never sell your soul, it isn’t worth it.  Jesus already bought it- so you have nothing to prove.

Live life free.  Free of keeping up to the rest.  Free of expectations. Free to do what you love.

My life?  It isn’t for sale- because it is already (set) free!


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