Matters of Life or Death



Being a mom in general is a scary thing.  Being a mom of children who can slip into anaphylactic shock within seconds is a super terrifying thing.

Nicole Nordeman writes, “Bringing a baby into the world is one of the bravest things a woman could ever choose to do.” I couldn’t agree more with her.  Growing a child inside your belly doesn’t guarantee that child will be born healthy.  Giving birth to a healthy child doesn’t mean the baby isn’t going to lose its skin (as in my case) after the maternal antibiodies leave it’s body.  Even with healthy kids there’s the worry of so much.

Last night I sat there and tried to explain my heart to my neighbor.

An ambulance had just left.  My son was on his way out from an allergic reaction to of all things water. (He has a sulfur allergy and the water he drank was rich in sulfur.)

“I feel so grateful he is ok- but so embarrassed I had to call an ambulance,” I told her.

My boy has Anaphylaxis and was displaying 3 of the symptoms.

“and yet I was embarrassed the time I didn’t call an ambulance and almost had the older boy die on me.”

Having to care for children with an Anaphylaxis condition is super hard- especially when the shock can be related to one or many of a list of several symptoms.  I have to constantly watch and monitor what they eat, what they touch, how their health is.  Are they sneezing, are they red, are they itchy? Because within seconds if I don’t catch it they could slip into shock, a coma, or worse.  Being a mom has been the hardest thing I have ever done.

Last night within seconds my neighbor was at my house making my kids dinner, my brother showed up to help with the medical crisis, and then the ambulance.  For me, a person who likes to do things myself, it was simply embarrassing to me to have all these people in my house helping me.  I needed a second pair of eyes, someone with medical equipment to help me determine how severe the reaction in my child was.  I had to ask for help.

“Sometimes the best thing you can do is just simply ask for help,” my friend said across the table.

How true is this?  Life is hard.  We can’t get through it alone no matter how much we try or want to.

What do you need to ask for help in your life today?

Do you need to ask for prayer?

Do you need financial assistance?

Do you need a counselor?

Do you need medical help?

Do you need just someone to talk to?

Sometimes….asking for help can be  the factor in life or death situations -no matter how embarrassing it is to you to ask for help.

Ask for help if you need to… it only helps.

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  1. Yes ma’am… why is it so hard to do ? And yet we all WANT to help. Lord, please free us up to both give and receive.we need you.. and each other…💕

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