Muddy Eyes- When Dirt is Good For Us



When my babe started having full-body rashes that became flesh-eating it became my main focus to get him better.  Day in and day out I stared at his skin, looking for any bits of improvement but mostly seeing signs of further deterioration.  I was obsessed with the situation; obsessed with finding a cure for him, a method to make him better.

This full year that my precious newborn suffered became a year of complete stress for me.  Doctors told me that stress hormones were getting into my breastmilk and entering into his body causing his skin condition (thankfully I learned this was not the truth).  They indicated that if my stress could get under control that his condition would heal.  What a thought to wrap your mind around- when the thing that is causing you stress is actually caused by stress!

So, in the worldly doctors’ view if I wasn’t stressed, my baby wouldn’t be sick.  But, the sickness of my baby was causing my stress.  What was I supposed to do to get rid of the stress?  Get rid of the baby?  Ummm I think NOT!

Thankfully I eventually learned that this concept of stress was not the reason as to why the baby was sick- he had rare food allergies.   However, during this time when I was so focused on getting my son’s skin to heal, my husband once told me, “What do I have to do to get you to stop staring at his skin?  Put some mud over your eyes?”

You see,  I was walking by sight and not by faith when I should have been waking by faith and not by sight- and my husband knew it.

If we walk by sight in today’s world we will always fail. Sometimes, we need to put mud over our eyes to really see.

Jesus healed the blind man by putting mud on his eyes. I feel that when Jesus took the mud off of that man’s eyes that the man could not only see physically but he could also see by faith.

If only I would have truly walked by faith and not by sight when my boy’s skin was gone- I would have been able to know in my minds eye that by faith I would be kissing  his soft and smooth cheeks now (a year later).  Stress would have been eliminated if I could have fully believed he was going to heal.

Where do you have unnecessary stress in your life today? What in your life are you looking at with sight?

The numbers in your check book?

The doctor’s diagnosis?

The messy rooms in your house?

Stop looking at them and throw some mud over your eyes (figuratively)!  It is good for you- you will be forced to walk by faith…

and that faith will get you through.



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