Snakes, Snails, Puppy Dog Tails…..and Mohawks- those little boys who should be remembered too on Father’s Day.

My first baby I spent hours each day dressing in the cutest outfits.  She was my real life baby doll princess.  I would put one outfit on her and 30 minutes later change her into another cute dress.  To have a daughter- a sweet, gentle, kind hearted daughter was such a gift.

Each pregnancy later we went in to find out the gender of our babies.  Each time I was 95% sure the babe inside of me was a girl again- oh how fun living a life of dress up would be!

Each time we were told we were having a….. boy!

Each time my jaw dropped, each time I ….. cried

I boy…. a BOY?  I was so embarrassed for crying- but I didn’t really want a boy, I wanted a girl! How embarrassed I am for even feeling that way- for God blessed me so much with a baby eachtime- I should be so grateful!

All of a sudden – my world was changed.   I now was living a life filled with SONS!  Sticky, slimed, gooey SONS!

And then, my heart and my life was  filled-


– Snails joining our lunch time meal, either in the juice cup or sitting alongside the plates,

-Conversations about what boogers are made out of,


-The back of my mom shirt covered in boogies when he was giving me hugs just to secretly wipe them on me,

-Sprinting across the beach with baby in hand trying to find the brave, adventurous, and independent boy,

– The many times of entertaining the public with fits and tantrums,

-Wading through urine on the bathroom floor,

IMG_4823And then, after one boy lays across the church pew and kicks my diaper bag off the end of the pew, causing a loud “thud,”

I look down as that goofy mohawked kid looks up at me, with Precious Moment eyes and whispers, “Mom, someday will I have a beard?  Mom, someday will I be a daddy?  Mom, some day will I be an uncle?”

-And then I realize- the boys, these sons of mine-

Will some day be men.

Will some day be leaders.

May some day be someone’s Daddy.

May some day be someone’s Uncle or Grandpa.

And then I get thankful- that my sons are the sons who:

-Insist on carrying my flower pots for me because they are “strong boys.”

-Pray for the people who they see are sick or injured,

-Are thankful for the foods they can eat instead of sad about their food allergies,

-Are the boys who beg to listen to worship music before bed,

-Pray out loud whenever they see an ambulance,

-Tuck me into bed whenever I feel sick,

-Are my fearless spider killers,

– Are sweet and loving- constantly picking flowers for me from my yard and insisting on opening doors for me.

How humbled I am for God to choose me to be the mother of SONS.

During this Father’s Day let’s also remember our boys, our sons- and remember to raise them up right.

For they may some day be someone’s Daddy- and don’t you want them to be wearing the right shoes if that happens?


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