Book Review: The Seven Money Types – Discover How God Wired You to Handle Money by Tommy Brown


The book, The Seven Money Types by Tommy Brown is a great book for people to understand why they spend money the way they do and how they can spend money according to their gifting in life.

The book starts out with an assessment to see which character of the Bible you and your money patterns relate to:




Joseph- Connection

Moses- Endurance

Aaron- Humility

David – Leadership



After the assessment, the profiles are explained in detail- one character profile/money type per chapter and then ending in a chart to visually show each type of money person.


When i read through this book, I had two questions in mind: #1) What if a person fits more than one description. 2) How do two different character types in a marriage work together to make one kind of let’s say, compromised money type?  Though there is a section on understanding others better, I felt like my questions remain unanswered even after finishing the book.  It would have been great had there been a section in reference to marriage and combining the differences together.

This book ends each chapter with a list of questions to think about and it also contains a long list of discussion questions in the end of the book.

Although this book could be a good book to study in a small group setting – I feel like it is a book that would better benefit early adults and individuals more than it would married couples.  It is sort of like the Love Languages book by Gary Chapman in regards of learning under-root possible reasons as to why you spend a certain way,  but it did not share a lot of information in the aspect of overcoming differences in Money theories.

I received this book from BookLookBloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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