Book Review: Kids NIV Visual Study Bible


I was pretty excited to receive the Kid’s NIV Visual Study Bible because the front cover declared that there were over 700 images inside.  I expected to open the Bible to find each page filled with colorful photos or drawings.  In a way I was fairly disappointed when I opened the book.  Yes, there were photos and drawings.  There were maps and there were even charts/signs to help the child to understand information better as seen in the photos below:



however: there were a lot of pages in the Bible where spaces were left blank.  In the margins are footnotes which I thought were a great touch, but to me there were just way too many blank spaces in the margins that the company could have easily placed images.


If I were to make a suggestion of how to make this Bible better, it would be to either place more images where those blank margins are or to fill the blank margins with writing lines.  This way the kids can take notes or journal.  Ideally more images would make the book awesome seeing how it is titled Visual Study Bible.

The Bible is a fairly fat Bible, about 2 inches in width.  It is hardcover and has a ribbon bookmarked attached to it like most Bibles.  I would say that ages 6 and up would be the best kind of age group for this Bible.  Anyone younger may ruin it or not be able to have the attention span to look at it.

If you are looking to purchase this Bible, you can do so here, but honestly, I only rate this Bible a 4 out of 5.

I have received this Bible from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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