My OTHER 10 Favorite U.P. Waterfalls

I recently posted my ten (plus 1) favorite waterfalls in the U.P. The problem with listing only 10 is that there are way too many really good falls that got left off. With that, I am making another list of my OTHER 10 (plus 1) favorite waterfalls in the U.P.!!! Even though I have my original 10, and even though I’ve added the 10 (plus 1) below, there are still many good waterfalls to see in the U.P. which are not on either list. I challenge you- go out and see them! In alphabetical order, my other ten (plus 1) favorite U.P. waterfalls are as follows:



conglomerateThe first of five main waterfalls along the Black River and also the longest “hike” for any of the falls along the black river. I use “hike” loosely as the trail is pretty well groomed and maintained most of the time. From the parking lot, it is about ¾ mile to the falls. Conglomerate (also called Great Conglomerate) Falls offers a nice walk in the woods followed by a great view of the falls.



eagelriverOne of the very easiest falls to get to in the entire U.P., you don’t have to go more than a couple feet from the car to get a really good view. My opinion is the best view is from the old bridge.






gorgeProbably the easiest of the five main falls along the Black River to get to, Gorge Falls is aptly named for the deep narrow gorge above and below the falls. On the bottom right of the falls, you can also see where it looks like a little cave is beginning to form, though it’s looked like that for years. Although it looks kind of small, the falls are about 25-30 feet high and the water flows quickly and powerfully, making it a truly great fall to visit.



havenHaven is the smallest falls on my this list. It’s a great spot after you’ve been in the car awhile, to get stretch, and climb around. Getting to the top of the falls can be a bit strenuous but is definitely doable. Haven Falls is in a pretty remote area, but viewable right from the car. It’s only about 20 feet high and just a few feet wide but located right at a park where you can have a nice little picnic with your family. It’s also close to Lac la Belle, which is a great spot to catch a sunset. Although small, I love hiking around this area. The air is crisp, clean, and refreshing!




okundekun.jpgThis is a little bit of a hike to get to, about 1- 1 ¼ miles if I remember correctly, but is so worth it. The river is shallow enough to wade in and around the falls, and if you’re confident in your footing enough, you can even get behind these falls! There is a smaller fall upriver a bit which you come to first on the trail, but the one pictured you need to keep hiking to get to. You’ll cross a bridge much farther down the trail that will take you to this beauty of a fall. It’s been a long while since I’ve been here, but if I remember correctly, it’s probably about 30 feet high and a little wider than tall. Also If I remember correctly, there is also a single little picnic table close by where you can sit and enjoy God’s beauty, listen to the birds sing, and take in a deep breath of fresh air.



potawatomiReached from the same parking lot of Gorge Falls along the black river, the two falls offer two great views with a short hike. With Potawatomi, there’s almost like a little pool between the two drops. I’ve seen people enjoy the coolness of the pool, but I’d caution anyone going in as the river does flow at a pretty decent speed. While doable, I don’t recommend it (though I’m not very adventurous either when it comes to actually being IN the water). For me, the view from land is quite awesome enough!



rainbow.jpgThis is the last of the five falls along the Black River. Most people enjoy this fall more from the other side (east side, I believe) of the river. In order to get there, you have to hike down river, cross a bridge, then hike back. If you’re up for the hike, it’s a good view. I enjoy hiking so I always will travel take the extra journey through the woods. The trail is pretty clearly marked, so you can find it from either side of the river. Plus, the suspension bridge you need to cross is truly an amazing thing to experience.



sandstoneThis is the 4th of the five falls along the Black River and I believe the smallest. It’s not as high as any of the others but the width of the falls is what’s impressive. It also is probably the safest to get close to. You can climb all around the rocks and even get into the river where the currents aren’t as overwhelming as they are by the other falls along the river. Despite being the smallest, this is my favorite along the trip because you can safely get right up close to the falls and enjoy the coolness of the river on a warm summer day.



sturgeon river.jpgI’ll admit, I’ve only been here maybe twice at most and it’s been over 15 years. I could be completely wrong on this (most likely) but it seems to me there were two trails to this fall. One was a winding trail up and through the hills. It was longer, maybe a couple miles, weaving through the hills. The other trail was shorter but pretty steep. Of course, maybe it just seemed like the trail was longer than it was because of the steepness of it. Either way, this fall was awesome! I need to go back and find it again. I’ll be honest and say I don’t remember a lot about this fall, but it seems the first time we went, it was a bit of a challenge to find and not clearly marked. I do remember needing to look for a sign to Silver mountain (I think). Who knows, maybe it’s way more clearly marked now. I do remember though that it was a gorge type fall and the water was moving fast and the river seemed to be a powerful one. This falls tops my list of ones I need to revisit soon and become more familiar with.



tanneryFor the longest time, I didn’t know the name of these falls, even though I’d visited them semi quite frequently. I always just referred to it as “poor man’s Munising falls” because of the similarly high and narrow drop. Whereas at Munising falls it’s posted you can’t go behind the falls and past the edge, there’s no such barrier with Tannery and it’s great to get a picture standing right next to it with the water falling down on your hand.





yellowdog.jpgThere are several smaller drops and cascades along the yellow dog river, but this is by far the biggest and best. This fall is unique because it splits around a huge rock in the middle. I’ve always wanted to check super early in the spring when the snow melts to see if it ever covers the entire width, but I’ve never done so. Alder and Pinnacle falls are close enough too that you can easily get to all three in a short amount in time and still have daylight left.


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10 favorite U.P. Waterfalls

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