Living a Chemical-Free/Allergy-Free Lifestyle


When our children started having skin issues due to allergies we were forced to go from a “typical American buy everything off the shelf without thinking it through” lifestyle to a very consciousness lifestyle free not only of chemicals, but also of allergens.

It is easy to live a chemical -free lifestyle, but when one has to find also products that are allergy-free it is a little more difficult.  Many times fragrances including natural fragrances and essential oils have to get axed if the person is allergic. While on our journey to heal our boys’ skin, we have so far resulted in working the following products into our lifestyle:

For Bathing:


We rotate a lot between * Apple Cider Vinegar baths and Epsom Salt baths for detoxing.  For Apple Cider Vinegar baths we put about a quarter cup into the tub for children and 1 cup for adults.  I like to follow the same measurements for Epsom Salt baths as well.  Remember less is more- you don’t want to dump large amounts Epsom Salt or Apple Cider Vinegar into the bath as your body may not handle large amounts well.  As with everything, the key to life is moderation.

As far as showers go and shampooing, we have yet to find a chemical/allergy free soap.  Please feel free to suggest products to us as for now we use Dove products (which are not chemical-free).

For Laundry:


The Norwex laundry soap is chemical-free, dye-free, and fragrance-free.  This soap has done a great job in getting our clothing clean as well as being gentle on our skin.  You don’t have to put much at all into the washing machine per load and this soap lasts a very long time.  For a large family and doing at least 2 loads of laundry a day, I only have to purchase a bag of the soap about every 6 months.

We do not use dryer sheets.  There really is no need for them as they just release chemicals into clothing.

For Dishes:


I have yet to find a good chemical-free and allergy-free dish detergent that breaks up grease well. Please feel free to suggest one to me.  For now we use Dawn Free and Clear.

For Cleaning:

I honestly like the good old baking soda/vinegar method of cleaning.  I tend to stay away from white vinegar because sometimes it is derived from synthetic products so I use apple cider vinegar.  I use a dilution of it in water for wiping counter tops and scrubbing floors. I use the baking soda and vinegar in my toilet bowls.

If I am washing windows I wipe them first with water and then use a Norwex window cloth to dry.  This cloth really does get windows clean quickly.

For Washing Hands:


The Clearly Natural Essentials Pure and Natural Glycerine Hand Soap is a favorite in our house.

For Underarm Care:


A salt stick is a good method to use.  I like to use the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick.  The best thing about this deodorant is it is very cost effective as it lasts at least a year.

For Dental Care:


Our family seems to do quite well with the Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Toothpaste.

If looking into a natural style toothbrush, these Natural Bamboo toothbrushes are pretty good.

For Drinking:


Even though we have nice clean well water, we still like to filter it with a Brita water pitcher and filters to make sure the water is indeed pure.


***Again, please leave a reply with any suggestions you have to products that are both chemical-free and allergy-free.***


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