“I Can’t Do This” (there is no such word as can’t)

In my youth my life was all about volleyball.  I played the sport in school, and went to several camps. Luckily in my volleyball career I was blessed to have a handful of great coaches.  One coach in particular helped me learn an important life lesson: There is  no such word as can’t.

When practices were hard and intense many players would start to say, “I can’t do this!” “I can’t spike that hard….I can’t run that fast….I can’t, I can’t, I can’t!”

And coach would say simply- “There is no such word as can’t”

And, during child birth, when I felt I had nothing left and was yelling, “I can’t do this!” …. my mom was there in my face yelling back at me “You CAN!”


Life is hard. Life is intense. Life is insane. For everyone!

Your head may start to tell you- “I can’t do this.”

“I can’t handle today, I can’t handle ……. I can’t….I can’t do this..”


I am here to tell you- You CAN.

There is no such word as Can’t.


You can get through this. You can do it.

You can do this.


You can.

You can.

You can.


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