Cast Again

IMG_4440A young boy rows out into the lake with his handed-down fishing pole.  He has high hopes of catching enough fish to be able to bring his family home dinner.  The boy worked all morning searching for worms to use as bait.

The boy puts the best, juiciest worm on the hook and sets a small, red and white bobber about a foot and a half above the hook.  He eagerly casts his line out near the Lilly pads, the best known place for fish.  He watches, and waits.

The bobber stands still.

The only movement on the bobber is from the small ripples of water.

The boy still waits.

With not a bite, the boy reels in his line.  He casts out again, and again, and again.  Each time he waits and watches.  Then reels in.  Each time his worm is still on his hook.

The sun starts to set and dinner is almost near.  The boy grows hopeless.  He tried all day long- he did his best.  He had failed.  He didn’t catch anything for dinner. He starts to put away his tackle and places the oars of the boat back into the water, getting ready to call it a day.

Then he hears a whistle from the edge of the shore.  He looks up and sees his friend on shore waving to him.  “Hey! Why are you done fishing? Cast out again! I want to watch!”  His friend coaxed.

The young boy had already put all of his tackle away.  “I haven’t had a bite all day! It is useless!” He replied.

“Oh come on, just one more cast!” encouraged his friend.

The young boy let out a sigh and got his pole back out.  He cast the line back in- doubtful.

Much to his surprise the bobber immediately sank down as a big fish bit the worm!  The boy got excited and reeled in the fish, big smile on his face.  He put on another worm and cast out again.  The same thing happened!  Over and over the boy reeled in fish after fish until his boat was so full of fish that he could hardly move in it!

Rowing home he was so excited to bring his mother dinner- a feast that could feed the whole neighborhood!

But, what if he had given up?  What if he hadn’t sent out that last cast?  He would have missed out on all the catching.

This story is based off of Luke 5. Simon and many of the other disciples had been out fishing with no luck.  Jesus then came and said, “Cast your nets back out”.  Simon didn’t really want to as he has been fishing all night without any luck, but he did as Jesus told him.   Immediately the nets were so full of fish that they started to burst and friends had to come help relieve Simon because his boat was so full of fish it was starting to sink!

Have you been pressing on in life? Believing for something? Praying over and over for something? Trusting God for something?

Are you ready to reel in your line, gather up your tackle, and quit like the young boy, because you haven’t seen any progress?  No fish even nibbled at the worm?

What if all it takes is one more prayer, one more seed sown, one more cast?  Just one more, to make the nets overflow so much they are bursting, the boat so full it starts to sink?  Just one more try until Jesus meets your need so much that your heart feels so full that it might burst?

What are you believing for?  What are you hoping and trusting for?

Never give up.

Never give up hope- for anytime is always too early to stop hoping.

Never give up trusting and believing for your dream, for your desire to come true.

Never give up praying.

For you never know, you may be that one try, that one prayer, that one might of hope away from:

Healing, fullfillment, miracles- so big and mighty that they can’t contained in a net, they can’t be put in a box.  Answered prayers so big that you can’t help but broadcast them to the world because you are SO excited.

Put that worm back on.

Cast again.


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