Book Review: The Beginners Bible Carry Along Treasury

I have looked at a lot of Bibles for very young children.  Many times I am very disappointed as they either a) leave out a lot of information and only focus on a couple main stories of the Bible, or b) are not very durable for the age level.  Many of the children’s Bibles I have purchased end up falling apart and/or are not very interesting.  Most of them focus on the old testament or just the new testament.


I have been extremely pleased and impressed with The Beginners Bible Carry Along Treasury.  The Bible focuses on both the Old and the New Testament.  It is a good size for little hands to hold.  I like that the thickness of the Bible is only about a 3/4 inch spine.  Any larger of a spine would probably create a book that isn’t very durable.  Any less of a spine would probably create a book that does not contain enough information.

There are two special features to this book which give the book an awesome appeal.  The first is that the book has a handle which allows the children to carry it with ease.  The second is that the cover has a magnetic fold-over clasp to keep the pages in place.  With combining the two features it seems that the book has held up well.  The pages stay in place well and don’t get bent up or crumpled with the cover-clasp holding them in place.

I also like that the illustrations are engaging and colorful.  The stories are in depth but written in a length that is perfect for the attention span of a young child.  If you are looking to purchase a Bible for a child ages 6 and under, The Beginners Bible Carry Along Treasury is the first choice that I would recommend to you.


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