I Didn’t Have To Go The Hard Way

One of the best things about living in the northern wilderness is all of the opportunities to hike. Hiking and being out in nature seems to always teach me many of God’s lessons in life- it serves as a place for me to connect more with Him and hear Him better.

There is one mountain, in particular, that seems to always “trick me” and then teach me a mighty lesson afterwards. You see, I don’t hike this mountain often, (or else I would remember the lesson) the hike is an every 8ish year time-span.

The hike up this mountain is fairly steep. Sometimes it is muddy, very root-covered, and full of God’s stair cases (rocks). It is a steep enough hike that one person will be huffing and puffing along the way, having to pause often to catch a good breath.


Usually at the top of the mountain I will take a good breather and pause to enjoy the magnificent view of God’s creation. Then I start to head down. While hiking down I always notice a nice stair case off to the left of the trail that I could have taken going up. I then shake my head as I remember that there were two ways to get up the mountain: the steep and hard (but shorter way) or the more easy and not so steep (but longer way).

It is always never until I have climbed that mountain and look down that I realize there was an easier way up it.

Let me repeat that: It is always never until I have climbed that mountain and look down that I realize there was an easier way up it.

I didn’t have to go the hard way.

But, for some reason I always do- because I always seem to think that it’s the only way to get up that mountain.

After hiking back out I notice that there is indeed a sign, showing that there are two ways to hike the trail: an easy and a difficult way- but for some reason I fail to miss that sign.


The reason why I miss that sign is because my head is always down and I am always focusing on the rocks in the path.

If I would only lift my head and ask for a sense of direction, I wouldn’t have missed the sign.

How much can this relate to life?

We have a mountain in front of us and we want to get up it- so we hurry and try to take the shortest way up it. This way tends to be the most difficult way.

We don’t know there is another way up, an easier way up, because we don’t lift up our heads and look for direction. The easier way may take longer and not get us up the mountain so quickly- but it is more of a gentler way- a way that one doesn’t stumble or risk falling because of big rock, big obstacles in the way. The easier way allows us to not have to take so many pauses for breath, so many breaks. It may take us a longer way, but it still gets us there and in a safe manner.

When you see that mountain, first pause. Lift up your head and ask God for direction. He will show you there is another way up. You don’t have to scramble in a hurry to climb up the most obvious path. God sculpted another way. You just have to see it.




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