When Storms Come


Recently I read an obituary of a woman who made it to be 103 years old.  What an accomplishment- to make it to 103!  I wonder if she got her name on a Smuckers jam jar!

The coolest thing I read in that obituary when the story told about  how this amazing lady loved to sail reads as follows, “Her children remember her taking the helm in the worst of weather, bundled up tight in foul weather gear while everyone else sought shelter below deck.”

What an amazing picture that brings to mind.  Then, I remembered one of my favorite verses:


Life.  Life is full of storms, isn’t it?  Is that one thing we can all agree upon?  It seems, sometimes, that when you brave one storm and it just passes, that another one is in the midst brewing?

Sometimes life feels like a state of constantly hunkering down and holding on while storm after storm after storm blows over?

Life is not easy.  Life is hard! Life sometimes feels all about surviving.  There are moments of enjoyment and happiness, and if we are lucky – we can learn to find enjoyment and happiness despite the storms, right?

Psalm 91:4. What a great and awesome gift is in that verse:  “He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.”

Under His wings you will find refuge.

Those storms in life that roll in one by one- we don’t have to brave those alone, nor do we have to hit them head on.  We can let Jesus be like that woman the obituary wrote about: ” she took the helm on the worst of weather while everyone else sought shelter below deck.”

We can let Jesus take the helm.  He will shelter us.  We don’t have to fight the  storm.  The storms have already been fought. We can take comfort, we just have to ask.

Sometimes we may feel like we are standing at the helm- trying to steer life ourselves and hitting the storm head on. If that is the case He will make us brave, He will give us the strength to stand.  He will give us that stronghold to support us when the waves come crashing. He will give us the direction.

If we keep our eyes on Jesus, if we look to Him, no matter what the waves won’t knock us off the boat.

On Christ the solid rock I stand.  All other ground is sinking sand.


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