The Wife Was Right

Let me first say that I love spring! I see all our melting snow and flowers starting to pop through the ground. In most parts of the world they’re probably blooming already. But here, they most likely have another couple weeks before we start seeing buds. I love seeing the waterfalls this time of year. This is pretty much their peak time and they’re always flowing pretty well. That is, if they’re thawed out yet. The temperatures are starting to warm up, the sun visits us for longer parts of the day, the annual robin count between my sister and I is on (I’m at 17), birds serenade us each morning, and even the night sky is full of life too. In my part of the world, we may even be lucky enough to catch an aurora borealis (northern lights) show. I alluded to the northern lights in a post a few nights ago. All of these spring happenings help remind us spring is a time for new life.

The funny things with spring and new life though- in order for everything to fully blossom and develop, it’s important most times for some minor maintenance to take place. For the falls to run, the ice must break through. The flowers may bloom, but if you want them to bloom to their fullest potential, you’ll often need to pull some weeds, maybe add some new, rich soil around them. My sister taught me last year how to get our raspberry bushes to grow to their fullest potential as well as get them to eventually (hopefully) start spreading so we can get even more. I was amazed at how surprisingly simple it was. You essentially just needs to prune them back a little and snip of the dead parts of the bush….I think. She may have to show me again, but that’s not the point. For spring life to fully develop, sometimes we need to weed out the “junk” to get a more beautiful, fully developed life.

Our walk with Christ is much the same. Sometimes we need to look in the mirror and reflect where we’re at and how our relationship with Christ is. And, sometimes He will tell us it’s time to begin to weed out some things, to clean ourselves up a little. A lot of times this can be a long, grueling process or maybe even a painful one. However, think of the fully developed, beautiful life in Christ that will come out of it.

II Corinthians 5:17 states “if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!” This implies that in order for the new to come, the old must go. I challenge you today, take care of the old junk in your life and allow your new life in Christ to fully bloom.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.

NOTE: While at work last night, I was praying and thinking of what to write about for this blog. This was the theme that kept coming back to me. I also kept thinking of a bonsai tree and how it constantly needs pruning in order to fully develop. It would’ve fit in very nicely with this blog, even though I didn’t include it. When I got home, I was sitting with my wife and I asked her what I should write about. She smiled and said never mind, she always tells me and I write about something else anyway! After a few minutes of coaxing, she finally told me I should write about how spring brings new life! It turns out, she was right!

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