The Key to Surviving Motherhood

Being a mom- is the hardest job I have ever done in life.

Once I became a mother my eyes were opened more to how fallen our world is.  Our world, full of diseases, pediphyles, poverty, natural disasters, human trafficking, social media, competition can turn a mother’s mind into an overwhelming mess.

When a mother puts her precious child into the hands of the world -worry, anxiety, and guilt will rob her of enjoying precious moments with this child.

I have faced many tough situations  already as a mother and my children are still very young.

I have carried my son’s limp and almost lifeless body into an ambulance while his eyes were swollen shut and lips turning blue because his airways had closed off due to an allergic reaction.

I have tried to solve the question as to why another son’s skin disappeared off his face only to find out it was because of rare allergies to red meat and garlic.

I have held a young baby in the emergency room while nurses tried to get i.v’s into his head- his body shutting down so much he didn’t make a peep with these needles digging through his temples.

I have ridden in the back of a van with my hand holding shut the back of my boy’s skull- blood seeping through the cloth.

I have faced the simple lie of guilt telling me that I don’t spend enough quality time with each child.

I have panicked when my child disappeared in a restaurant for a short amount of time, fearing he had been trafficked- only to find out he snuck to the bathroom to wash his hands.

I have gone days without showering, days without stepping out of my front door, and years without hearing a sermon in church because I had an extra needy baby who had to have his hands constantly held down or he would instantly tear his face into a bloody pulp.

I have spent years of never having my body enter into a deep sleep because my child awakes every half hour throughout the night.

I have gotten impatient, angry, discouraged, frustrated, depressed, weary.

Is this how motherhood should be?   Filled full of fear, guilt, and anxiety? Is motherhood something that should be let’s say, survived?

Should motherhood be nothing more than an enormous mound of dirty or clean clothes hiding in a closet?  Nothing more than cooking meal after meal and cleaning up the kitchen in between only to have everything trashed at the end of the day?  Nothing more than a fight for your children’s lives while fighting lies from the enemy that you aren’t at good mother?

When, when, WHEN.  When.

When a mother puts her precious child into the hands of God instead of the hands of the world….

When a mother focuses on gratitude….

Then it is revealed how blessed such a job is.

When I stop complaining and worrying- and start being thankful, being grateful…

It is then that I see the miracles of life.

I see strength and toughness in my family.

I see the near death ambulance experiences turn into vibrant life.

I see food that God has personalized and provided for each one.  I see clothing and I see shelter.

I see God’s details.

I see growth, grace, and patience.

I see love, and I see hope.

I see peace.

I see rest.

I see God.

This – is the key to ENJOYING, not surviving motherhood.



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