How to not be the typical overwhelmed American.

Despite my minimalist efforts to not be the typical American who is wrapped up in this and that and forgets to stop and smell the roses, I end up being just that- the typical overwhelmed American.

Everyday I wake up with my feet hitting the ground running.  I may appear a calm and collected person sometimes but in my head I have checklists of things that need to be done – and those checklists have checklists.   As the day goes on the mini checklists have reproduced even more checklists.


My circus I conduct consists of laundry, poopy butts, constant meal prep and clean up, floors covered in food so thick one could have a buffet, homeschooling, working from home, refereeing children and researching to try to help two chronically ill children.

The days often whizz by in a race against time and in efforts to keep up with all I “have to do” I often times completely forget to even shower.  Those days that seemed to take an eternity when I was a child have now turned into moments that are gone within the blink of an eye.  In desperate attempts to slow down and “minimalize” I somehow manage to allow my to-do lists to grow.

At the end of the day I grow discouraged- I sit in the dark room where I can’t see all the things that “need to be done.”  If I turn on the light switch I see the mountainous pile of laundry, the walk in closet that you can no longer walk in anymore because it is piled with junk, the house repairs that need to be made, the chores left undone.  A mothers work is never done.  Or, is it?

Despite the fact I get caught in it- I despise the worldly way of life.  We work long hours to consume, only to trash those things we worked so hard to consume.  We live in discontentment and work work work only to grow old and sit alone in retirement- pondering, what did I even do in life?  How do we break this cycle? How do we get out? How do we stop checklists and start enjoyment? How do we live?

I often time forget the main component to being happy in life, to downsizing, to not letting life get the best of me.  That crucial component PRAISE.

Praise, the art of being thankful and counting your blessings gets us through the laundry piles, the backaches and heart aches, discontentment and sickness.

When I am thankful- life slows down.

When I am thankful- sickness doesn’t consume me and I am reminded that God knows every cell in every body.

When I am thankful – I don’t work so hard to consume so much.

When I am thankful- I remember what is really important.

When I am thankful- I live to the fullest.

Have you thanked God today?

Prayers sometimes exhaust me because they can feel like to-do lists (I need to pray for this and this and this…).  No, pray a praise-prayer.  Make your prayers full of praise and thanksgiving for the goodness God has done and is about to do.  Focus on the good.


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