Healing More Than Just Allergies

A couple of months after my third pregnancy, my appendix ruptured.  I feel that this in addition to stress from a child’s chronic illness had done some damage to my inside gut lining.

I was unable to eat anything but easily digested foods without my body going into a diverticulitis attack.  After eating blueberries I had to miss an entire days worth of 4th of July celebrations.  The fine seeds in the blueberries trapped themselves into my gut lining, causing me to vomit all day long with sheer abdominal pain.  The energy completely got wiped out from me.  After a few days of ginger tea and chicken broth the symptoms slowly started to taper off.

For months I stuck to soft foods like fully cooked oatmeal, rice, and steamed vegetables.  I had to steer away from anything with seeds in it, raw vegetables that are hard to digest, and greasy foods.  All would cause me to get horrible abdominal and backaches because my body was not properly digesting.

One day I ate a nibble of a cucumber peel.  That was just enough of a hard substance for my body to digest that within 5 minutes I could feel the diverticulitis attack coming on.  An hour away from home, I had to endure a ride of severe doubled-over pain, while laying on the floor of my vehicle.  Instantly I was drained again from all energy.  The pain was so severe I thought I was going to die.  It was worse than child birth.  Once I got home I took a hot Epsom salt bath and drank some ginger tea to get the symptoms to subside.

I was already on a limited diet because I was nursing an infant with food allergies and now I had to stay away from several other foods for my own good.  I started to lose weight fast, and being underweight to begin with this created not a very good situation.

After learning about NAET treatments, I began looking into something similar but home treatments of the same concept.  To be able to attend NAET treatments I would have had to drive 5 hours one way because of the remote location in which we live.  To be able to treat my health while at home would be ideal.

I discovered a company called The Allergy Kit.  Initially, I purchased the premium kit hoping to treat my child who has severe allergies.  While treating him I decided to treat myself as well, figuring it couldn’t hurt to get some more health back into my life.

the allergy kit

It has been about a month since I finished treating myself with all 7 vials of the premium kit.  I am pleased to say that I am now eating those hard-to-digest foods with ZERO diverticulitis attacks!  I can drink smoothies with strawberries in them and the tiny seeds no longer get lodged into my gut lining.  I can eat raw cauliflower without stomach aches.  I can eat bacon without feeling sick.  I am even starting to gain some weight back!

The Allergy Kit treats for more than just allergies.  It helps the body system to heal.  It helps to realign the systems and helps to train them to perform as they should-instead of being in stress mode.

I want to extend a great thank you to Dr. Ynge Ljung, the creator of The Allergy Kit for helping me to get my health back in a non-invasive, chemical-free manner.  A friend a week ago asked me how I have been feeling as I was able to tell her that I feel like I am in “optimal health.”  Thank you Dr. Ljung!

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