Favorite Inspirational Sources


Lights UP North encourages you to look into these other inspirational sources.  We guarantee, you will be blessed by them 🙂

1) Semmie writes at her blog: Barefooted Semmie– essays full of down-to-earth, true from the heart material.  These writings will bring you through reflections and lessons in life with a Christian perspective.


2) The little, but very powerfully annointed “Big D,” is talented in many ways.  Not only is she a musician, but she is also an author and a leader.  Her work combines serious matters with a sense of humor (if that is even possible) – but she does it!  I love the creative works of Big D and the Good News Blues.

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Big D also released a book that I feel will reach and impact millions in a positive manner!  Purchase the book, Just Hold On – finding hope in the face of Suicide  by Big D here.  Our review of the book is here!  Don’t forget to also “like” the book’s Facebook page!

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3) Story of Two is one of our all-time favorite couple of musicians.  These two are sweet, genuine, and all around great people besides wonderful inspiring musicians.  They are very humble even though they are extremely talented!  Be sure to purchase their CD!


4) Webb Music is made up of another husband and wife duo.  These two are incredibly anointed with the Holy Spirit.  God is definatly working through Clayton and Olivia Webb.  Like them on Facebook here and purchase their music here.


5) Fresh Perspectives is blog written by Jon Greig that is filled with truth.  It tackles alot of issues in today’s world and really makes you think.  This blog shows how God is not contained to a box.  Jon also has a book called Calling Out To Deep which is full of poetry and essays of God’s love.

Leslie & Jon Greig Nov 2013

6) Forever Choosing Joy is a blog written by a wonderful mother.  Many of her posts walk her readers through the heart ache of miscarriages and dealing with them via God’s strength.  Be sure to watch her testimonial video of a child God blessed her with after 6 miscarriages!


7) The Bright Green Door blog walks readers through multiple DIY projects and on Friday’s there are great inspirational finds!  Her facebook page can also be found here.


8) If you are looking for customized inspiring signs or other fine wood pieces, Revelation House is the place you want to be!


9) Childress Missions – If you have ever heard one of Jonathon Childress’s sermons or ever had husband wife, Erika, pray for you, you would know God’s mighty love for you.  These two don’t worry about what the world thinks of them, they only care about how God views them and they chase after Him whole-heartedly.  The annointing of the Holy Spirit on this couple is thick.  Follow them on their blog and Facebook page.


10) Never in my life have I met such a caring and selfless individual who is so knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth, and babies until I met Melinda Britton, owner of Doulas of Marquette.  Melinda works to help bring God into the birthing room for supernatural miracles of the Father in Heaven.  She helps to create such an anointing atmosphere for the baby to enter into the world.  Her website, Doulas of Marquette has a wonderful blog to follow.  She also runs a group on Facebook called Pregnancy and Parenting in Marquette County.


11) Summer writes a grace-filled blog of reflection at Growing Your True Self.  The writings in this blog helps readers to remember who they really are underneath the scars, fear, and perfectionism that the world flings at them in life.


12) Amargeaux Dianne works to empower, encourage, and bring all around positivity to others.  Her website is found here.  She also sells Juice Plus to help others be healthy!


13) Emily’s ministry is UP North Oils.  Through the use of essential oils she helps others to realize how powerful God has made the Earth. She has a mission to help people to get healthier and live how God intended for them to live.




15) The book, Every-Day Miracles is an autobiographical testimony of how God can move in extraordinary mighty ways the author believes are miracles.  If you love a hard life this book will encourage, strengthen, and uplift you.  The book can be purchased here.


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