Book Review: The My Jesus Bible

I am very impressed with The My Jesus Bible by Michael Berghof and Gill Guile.  This is a child’s board book that has a handle attached to the end.  Although it is built like it was made for toddlers in its durability, it is a perfect fit for the age 4 years and 5 years.  I say this because the stories are at the right level for this age group.  The book illustrates and narrates 20 stories that highlight Jesus’ life.

jesus bible 1  jesus bible 2

Each story is written across the 2 page layout.  I love the illustrations because they depict the human characters in a realistic manner but yet have appeal towards children.

jesus bible 3 jesus bible 4

Although this “Bible” only depicts the parts of the Bible about Jesus’ life, I still really love it for children.  I like that it is one that be taken anywhere without worry of the pages getting bent or torn.  The stories are written accurately and overall the book is very engaging!

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