Book Review: The Beautiful Word Devotional


The Beautiful Word Devotional is a very nicely made book.  It is a hardcover book made of durable strength.  It is also very thick- about an inch and a quarter thick. The pages are heavy duty pages as well.  Every page has a gloss to it and are thick enough that even a sharpie permanent marker won’t bleed through.

This devotional book is written in as a calendar year- with one devotional per day of the year and one devotional per page.  Each page has the date on top, a bible verse, the devotional, and a short prayer.  This is the typical style for most devotional books.  What I like about this book in particular though is that there is a place next to each devotional to journal.  If one used this book it would make for a great family keepsake.

If I were to change one thing about this devotional it would be that there wouldn’t be any dates attached to the writings.  That way if one person skipped a day or forgot to read on one day they can stay in order without the above heading telling them they should be reading a different devotional because of the date listed above it.

Otherwise, this is a very good, solid, and well written book!

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