Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights 2

Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights 2.  I went out to see if I could see the northern lights again last night, again to no avail. I did however see a couple shooting stars and the skies were beautifully decorated with tons of stars. I stopped for my usual cup of coffee before going to my favorite spot. If the lights aren’t going to come out, at least I can enjoy a late night cup of joe! I saw at a picnic table waiting to see if the lights would come out. While I waited, I sang some praises and prayed a little. The night sky is teeming with life, even though those blasted lights aren’t out.

As I sat at the picnic table gazed upon the night sky, another car pulled in a bit down from me. I listened and watched as they got out of their car. They were here less than five minutes and in those five minutes, I could hear them talk about how they wasted a trip over here and the lights aren’t even out tonight. They were disappointed to say the least. They got back in their car and left.

I can remember nights, granted when I was way younger, when I would sit on the beach and enjoy a fire all night in hopes of seeing the northern lights. Some nights I would see them and some nights I wouldn’t. One night I remember waiting until about 3:45am when they came out for a whopping 5 minutes! I waited another couple hours and they never came back. For anyone who has ever gone searching for the northern lights, knows and understands the mystery that surrounds them and that part of the thrill sometimes is the wait. It’s the wait that makes it worth it. If I saw them every single time I’ve looked and for the entire time, seeing them wouldn’t be as special.

Well tonight, as I wait to see these sometimes elusive lights, I am reminded that our walk with God is in many ways the same. 1.) If we wait on Him and His timing, we are often rewarded with something special. Too many times however, we get impatient and act as if this whole thing was a waste of time and 2.) It’s in the waiting for God’s will in our lives that gives it the uniqueness to be special specifically to us. If we simply are accustomed to giving up, or are not patient enough, then we aren’t allowing for God’s will to work in our lives.

Psalms 130:5 says that I wait on the Lord, in Him I put my hope. What hope is there in waiting a couple minutes for something to happen and giving up right away? I’ve also found that many times when we stop focusing on the waiting aspect so much and we stop letting the worry of when/if something is going to happen, it often times just happens without us noticing or right before our eyes. In other words, a watched pot never boils- or so says my mom. Oh look, the auroras are out.  They’re faint and dim, but they are  out!

Be blessed. Be a blessing.


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