And There Was A Shell

There once was a little boy who not many could understand.  He made some feel frustrated and others angry.  Daily and sometimes hourly he would get yelled at, or put into a time out.  He knew how to push the right buttons.

This little boy got upset quickly over the smallest things, and this made many people impatient with him.

Was he intentionally wanting to get people mad at him? I doubt it.

This particular little boy, I believe, has so many deep emotions inside of him.  He is filled so deeply with empathy.  He sees others frustrated or tired, he sees them scared or overwhelmed.

And he does his best to make their world better- in peciliuar ways.

He thinks playing pranks on others or being goofy will help heal others feelings, when instead to those it creates more overwhelming frustration.  He just sometimes can’t get it across the right way…that he cares.

Until one day.

One day he worked so hard trying to push big, fat, green yard into a teeny tiny hole of a shell.  He worked and he worked.  He spent so much time and finally got it.

Then he put on another shell.

Many minutes went by- until he had a ton of shells hanging off the strand of ratted green yarn.

Finally, he went up to his frazzled Momma and asked her to tie it.  Already with a list of things she had to do, she looked at him out of the corner of her eye and almost said, ” yeah put it on the counter. I will get it later.” (Like she does to a lot of things he asks her to do- only to forget.)  Instead this time the Momma paused and took the second to tie the ends of the ratted strings together.

Then he looked deeply into her eyes and she saw his long eye lashes wrapped around the windows to his loving soul.  “Now, bend your head down,” he said, as he carefully put the necklace around his Mom’s head.  “I made this for you because I want you to know I love you.”

Then there the Momma’s heart remelted from all the past moments of overwhelmingness of the day.  Those simple shells, that ratted green yarn, that little boy- the love.

Oh how deeply that little boy could love.

The next few days he would make sure that his mom was wearing her shells.  At night he would remind her to hang up her shells so she wouldn’t break them on accident in her sleep. In the morning he would run to her  night stand and get them for her.  He would put them back on her.

He would give her a long hug and say , “I don’t ever want to stop loving you.  I am going to love you for ever and ever and ever.”

One day when his mom was crying with frustration he came up to her and said, “So, I know you are frustrated. But you have to remember that God loves you- and so do I- because see I made you this necklace of shells, so you could remember this.”

And when the yarn started scratching the mom’s neck he waited until he got new string- and put a shell on the new string for her.

That Momma- she wears the shell proud.

It is such a special reminder to her:

of how the little boy feels emotions,

of how he loves her so much,

of how God loves her,

of how she needs to pause in life to take time for what matters.

Sometimes, seemingly insignificant moments that she wants to brush off, like tying the yarn, can turn into the biggest and best moments of her life.

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